Don't Ask Why: Darth Gummy, A Full Scale Darth Vader Helmet Made With Over 1,000 Gummi Bears

January 28, 2015


This is Darth Gummi, a full-scale replica of Darth Vader's helmet covered with over 1,000 Gummi Bears by artist CrummyGummy, who may or may not actually earn a living covering things with Gummi Bears (do my couch next!). Never thought you'd see a Gummi Bear Darth Vader helmet, did you? Yet here we are. Wait, where is here? "I kidnapped you, you're in my basement." Screw this! *makes a run for the stairs, trips when leg shackle reaches the end of its chain* What do you want from me?! "YOUR SOUL." Ahahahahhahahha, soul -- clearly you've got the wrong guy. Now if you'll kindly unchain me I'll just make myself a quick sandwich and be on my way.

Keep going for a more angled shot.


Thanks to Rob B, who did the same thing with OREO cookies but ate the helmet before getting the chance to take any pictures. Hey -- it happens.

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