Clogged Arteries Are The Best Arteries: KFC's Chicken-For-A-Bun Hotdog

January 26, 2015


This is KFC's Double Down Dog, a hotdog with a fried chicken for a bun and drizzled with a cheese sauce that looks like mustard. Obviously, they blew it by not adding chili and diced onions. I would still eat one. Unfortunately, they've only been introduced to South Korea and the Philippines so far, with select restaurants only making 50 a day. That is not nearly enough. Not even for me. You know how many hotdogs I've eaten in a day before? Guess. "Ten?" Six. "Then why wouldn't 50 be enough?" Because I have friends. "Good one." Fine, because I like to pretend I have friends.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best hotdogs are my armpits because they smell like chili-cheese dogs with extra onions if I don't shower for a day.

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