Call Xzibit: LG Fridge Now Has Double Doors-In-Doors

January 13, 2015


A massive lobster, a cake, and lox and cream-cheese pinwheels. We get it, you're rich. Wait -- is that a dinosaur egg in your crisper?!

Remember LG's $3,500 Door-In-Door refrigerator? Well the concept was such a success with filthy rich people now they're releasing a DOUBLE Door-In-Door version. So many f***ing doors! Still, you know what would be even cooler than a fridge with double doors-in-doors? A fridge that is really a portal to the grocery store and you can just reach in and pull things right off the shelf. Plus without paying! Yeah, that would be sweet. At least until a stock boy sees me standing in front of the fridge naked in the middle of the night. Hey -- this pepperoni ain't for sale, kid! Ooooh, toss me some of those string cheeses.

Thanks to Richard M, who I suspect works for LG and should really hook me up with a scratch-and-dent model of this bad boy.

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