Your Pain Brings Me Great Joy: 8.5-Minute Compilation Of Things Breaking, People Getting Hurt

January 23, 2015


Note: Video contains some solid bad words on account of things not going as expected.

This is a spectacular 8.5-minute video compilation of things breaking (usually through attempted feats of jackassery), often resulting in people hurting themselves. There are so many good ones. Obviously, it brought me great joy. Except the human cannonball at 2:47, that's a respectable profession and whoever set up that shoddy catch-net should be ashamed of themselves. ALTHOUGH -- every good (read: still alive) human cannonball knows the first rule of safe human cannonballing is ALWAYS CHECK YOUR OWN NET. You should never put your life in the hands of somebody else. Unless you need surgery and aren't a doctor, in which case I'd still suggest taking a trip to the hardware store and trying it yourself first.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Corgi, proof that even dogs read Geekologie and are clearly a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

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