An Upside-Down Desk For Using Your Laptop In Bed

January 13, 2015


This is the $128 (plus $62 shipping) Super Gorone Desk designed by Thanko. It can be used to hold your laptop upside-down in bed, as a regular laptop stand, or a TV dinner tray. I suppose it could also be used as a makeshift kissing booth. I remember in college several guys in my dorm designed rigs to be able to hold their laptops above their loft beds they could masturbate in comfort whenever their roommate was out of the room. Speaking of -- one time I was walking down the dorm hallway on my way to class and I look into my buddy Davey's room, and there he is at his computer, just fapping away at 9AM on a Tuesday. He was so into it he didn't even know his door was wide open with people constantly walking by. That still blows my mind to this day.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the possibilities and a video of the desk in action.



  • Corporatist

    Thats a pretty horrible position.

  • Claudia Saad

    This is perfect if you're bed ridden and your tv is in the living room. Here are more lapdesk designs

  • shashi

    do you wish your laptop was less lap and more top?

  • Riz

    I like it, it makes your laptop in to an ipad, but i have an ipad, soooo....

  • footballtrophy

    love you post

  • Fred

    That poor, poor hard drive. Better have an SSD or this thing is going to half your laptop's life expectancy operating at those angles...

  • OyashiroChama

    HDD are magnetic, only sudden jolts would hurt it.

  • Fred

    Hard drives are designed to operate at right angles as it is the force of the spinning disc that keeps the magnetic read/write head above the disc. Rotating a hard drive whilst it is spinning as you would on this platform is a bad idea.

  • Tigerh8r

    My arms would get sooooo tired...


    this desk should be called Stephen Hawkings


    would make watching pr0n a lot easier..

  • Andrew Newton

    Reason #345 for why I get food crumbs in my bed.

  • Adibobea9

    Wall E, save us…

  • Jenness

    This is so unhealthy

  • Guest

    Yeah, I can see myself falling asleep with the contraption above my head, disaster waiting to happen for when I eventually will move around in my bed.

    EDIT : OH wait worst, leaving my webcam open on skype... yeah that's worst because I sleep in the nude.

  • craig37f .

    First! As if people weren't lazy enough.

  • shashi

    Lazy! As if people weren't first enough.

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