AHAHA, You Are So Dumb: How Not To Use Tow Straps

January 22, 2015


This is an almost-hard-to-believe-somebody-is-really-that-stupid video of some idiot who thinks the right way to use tow straps to pull a stuck vehicle is to make sure there's a lot of slack ("I've got 30-feet of strap"), then slam the truck in reverse as fast as you can. Obviously, the results are very pleasing to us, the viewer. The guy filming it seemed to enjoy it too. Man -- stupid people. It just sucks they exist in real life too and not just Youtube videos.

Hit the jump for the video, but be sure to check out our sister site Hedonistica for more of the latest videos including this dude beating Super Mario World in in six minutes using some glitch that makes no sense, a cartoon about a stormtrooper who misses home, and Microsoft's latest augmented reality concept.

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