$8 Service Sends A Glitter Bomb To Anyone You Hate

January 13, 2015


Ship Your Enemies Glitter is an anonymous $10 (Australian, ~$8 US) service that sends the enemy of your choice (anywhere in the world) an envelope that will launch glitter everywhere when opened. Sure you could send the same thing yourself for cheaper, but that might be TRACEABLE. This is no time to find out your enemy is also an amateur detective. Plus, don't forget you can still anonymously send a box of horse shit too. You know how many boxes of shit I got after posting that on Geekologie? TENS. Way too many to eat in one sitting.

Thanks to Christian, who tried to glitter bomb email me but my spam filter caught it.

  • Sean Beach

    Found one that is still active as well. www.makeyourenemiessparkle.com

  • Jerry

    already another site up for the US LOL GlitterGrenades.com

  • Jessica

    So now that this guy has stopped taking orders, of course other sites have been popping up to fill them instead. I'm actually kind of glad in this case, because I didn't find out about this whole thing until after his original site crashed. I think I'm going to try ordering from http://www.theglitterbombex...

  • kabookieJoe

    I'd sue the company for mischief

  • Juan

    There is another one based in the U.S that is cheaper, www.glitterfyyourenemies.com

  • Guest

    i sent you a link awhile back about a woman getting arrested for mailing a box of manure to an enemy. referenced that article even, you never posted a correction fine, but now you continue to encourage it

  • Fred

    I think I'd rather someone mailed me anthrax...

  • Ken

    Can I have one sent in a heart transplant box to the hospital?

  • RaulFranko

    TAKE MY MONEY! ...wait, site is still down...... (builds up a glitter bomb in the mean time)

  • Cameron Mcfeefers

    when you click the link ... its forbidden.... so try again Geekologie

  • Greg

    Website has been down for a while. :-/

    Either they're doing some serious maintenance or they got f'd in the b and had to take down the site.

  • Jenness

    If I were to judge based on the crude drawing, the dude opening the letter is a Twilight vampire and he thinks one of his sparkly friends just died.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA.......... LOL.

  • PUNX

    i want to see a video of this in action.

  • HighFrequency

    Sounds like anthrax to me....

  • mayorofmisfits

    Orc mischief, actually.

  • Tyguy

    I'm not convinced that the glitter dispersal method will meet my expectations. I expect pressurized air to be involved.

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