WTF Was That?!: Parody Of Fanboy Reactions To Star Wars Teaser Trailer

December 10, 2014


WARNING: NSFW language after things go south around 1:30. Also, he fake masturbates with a toy R6-series astromech droid around the 2:00 mark. CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

This is Rich Evans of RedLetterMedia parodying the Star Wars fanboy overreactions to the Force Awakens teaser trailer. Sadly, I actually know people who probably reacted like this in real life, and their names are, in the order I suspect they would also masturbate with an astromech droid toy: [NAMES REDACTED]. Sorry, apparently a couple of them got upset after seeing their names on Geekologie and threatened to come kick my ass. Not that I'm worried those sissies could actually beat me up, I just really don't feel like seeing Jason Matthew's, Paul King's, Jeffrey Bogsworth's and Tim Harold's ugly faces right now. BURN, SUCKERS.

Keep going for the video, but you've been warned.

Thanks to Melody, who is a firm believer in not destroying your office, no matter how good a teaser trailer might be. When you quit your job, yes, burn that f***er to the ground.

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