Uncorking A Champagne Bottle With A .50 Caliber Rifle

December 29, 2014


This is a video of the folks at FullMag uncorking a bottle of champagne by blasting the cork with a .50-caliber sniper rifle. Sadly, they aim too low and shatter a couple bottles before finally getting it right on the third try. Impressive feat, but you do know you can open those bottles with just your hands, right? Like, that's how you're supposed to do it. Because I'm pretty sure nowhere on any of those bottles does it say, "To Open: First, go get a gun."

Keep going for the video.

  • Fred

    I mean I'm fairly sure a 50 cal would shatter a bottle regardless but the bullet does hit the top of the glass rather than the cork. Hardly giving the poor thing a chance.

  • shashi

    Kool but i wouldn't recommend it at a party. This guy gets it: http://youtu.be/qCp9-tEHa8U (also i miss Frasier)


    I wonder if even these novelty firearms youtube content producers are bored of their own contrived shit yet. They probably spend half of the shoot eyeing the gun absently, daydreaming about finally mustering the courage to put themselves out of their misery.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I seriously doubt anyone who owns a .50 has considered using it on themselves. Besides, guns are fun as hell.

  • GeneralDisorder

    It should be noted that to use a .50 cal on yourself you'd have to be extremely flexible and have really long arms and legs. The barrel is longer than my Mosin Nagant which is a 4 foot long WW1 rifle.

  • Destroyed the $200 Cristal, but the $4 Ballatore Spumante is good to go. Win!

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