The Force Awakens Asleep At The Wheel: TIE Fighter Crashed On Highway In Germany

December 15, 2014


This is a very short dashcam video of a TIE Fighter crashed on a snowy highway in Germany. Unfortunately, it looks like both pilots survived the accident. Will one of them prove to be the stormtrooper that finally laser-blasts old Luke Skywalker in the face and puts an end to his Jedi days? SPOILER: Probably not. Stormtroopers are hardly good for anything except walking right past the droids they're looking for and leaving thermal exhaust ports open.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Virginia, who definitely would have flipped those jerks the bird as she sped by.

  • shashi

    How did they know they would crash in europe? or do all fie tighters carry high-vis vests as standard? "2 words. German stormtroopers" c'mon, since when does germany have militarized guards roaming the country looking for certain types of.... "PLEASE DONT SAY IT"

  • Roark

    This reminds me of the Movie "Never Back Down" for some reason - I just can't explain Why?

  • Dani

    The shadows are all wrong?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I'm glad the stormtrooper is alright. FIGHT THOSE REBELS! Damn punks...

  • Tigerh8r

    What the sithspit were stormtroopers doing flying a tie fighter in the first place? They are in some serious bantha poodoo now...

  • TrueGenius(maybe)

    Could be that the stormtroopers are guarding the wreck after the presumed dead pilot has been transported away, right?

  • Matt Fricke

    I know, right? Imperial Pilots wear Black Pilot Armor only similar to the Stormtroopers'!

  • kevin

    Skeptical. Might be fake.

  • choo choo full steam ahead!

    i watched it three times, def real

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