The Drinking Jacket Has Everything You Need To Stay Warm, Get Sloshed

December 10, 2014


After years of being treated like a second class citizen by smoking jackets, the Drinking Jacket has decided to rise above and claim its rightful place in society. Currently an already funded Kickstarter project, the Drinking Jacket is an $85 zip-up hoodie with all kinds of handy drinking features. I could mention them all, but it'll be easier for the both of us if you just look at the picture. Heck yeah, I've always wanted an I.D. and monkey pocket. You know how hard it is to keep track of your monkey when you're wasted and talking to giraffes? So, what's your favorite feature of the jacket? Mine's that it keeps my nipples covered. People laugh whenever they're not covered because they look like snowflakes. "Wait, are you...?!" Yes, I am Santa's son.

Thanks to Casey S, who I suspect has something to do with the project and should be able to put in contact with the guy who invented this thing so we can sit down and see who really deserves the title of professional drinker.

  • S.M. Archer

    So uuhhhhh a jacket with a lot of pockets? I thought it would have built in straws that go through the hoodie inside the jacket so i can have my flask there and sip away undetected. Some people frown on my drinking habits. But you're not supposed to drink in church. Thou shalt not judge Charles!

  • Kevin Posch
  • Onca

    But why are there two 10s and no 12?

  • GristleMcNerd

    The Mads are calling, they want their invention exchange back.

  • steve holt

    so basically it's a hoodie. The only unusual thing about is a beer kookie (neoprene) pocket, which is the most convenient way to spill beer over your nipples.

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