The Baddest-Ass Spinning Kick To An Arcade Boxing Machine You Will Probably Ever See

December 18, 2014


This is a short slow-motion video of a guy performing two insane spinning kicks on one of those see-how-hard-you-can-punch arcade boxing machines. As our sister site Hedonistica pointed out, it's annoying they never played the kicks in regular speed, or showed his score. Of course, based on the way he f***ing nails that bag, I'm just going to assume his score was 'ERROR: PLEASE STOP DOING THAT.'

Keep going for the video, then spend a few minutes daydreaming that you're a badass ninja.

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  • captaindash

    Just once I wanna see an action shot all the way through, not in slow motion. Every 2 second clip either has 4 camera angles to promote seizures or is stretched to 6 seconds. A guy does a monster jump on a motorbike and you never actually get to see it in one go in a perspective that lets you see all of the information. It's closeups from all angles of a guy floating. Wicked. And no matter the action, if you show something more than once, one of those views should be regular speed, especially if it's a high speed thing. Slowing it downs usually takes the craziness out of it because everything looks easy and possible in slo mo, dammit!

    *wipes brow*. That was therapeutic. I'll shut up now.

  • Joshua Schwenker

    406 and 436.
    They flash for a brief just as they go back to full speed

  • Forblat

    I want that camera: all the frame rate, none of the resolution.

  • I remember the first time I saw one of these things I was in Boston 2 days before new years in 1995 and there were these two dudes at a bowling alley diving at this thing trying to "win".

    Thing was, it was attached to a video game that was kinda like RAMPAGE where when you hit the thing it would knock down part of the building depending on how hard you hit it. So these two dudes were diving at this thing and hitting it as hard as they could and not doing shit in the game for knocking the building down and just plugging quarters into the thing left and right to no avail.

    So I walk up and ask if I can have a go at it and they say something like "good luck" or something drunken and snarky and take a few steps back from the game while I drop my change in the slot. First punch I absolutely crushed the thing and knocked down the building in one punch, which freaked the dudes out hardcore and they walked away after I turned around and said "that wasn't too hard".

    I was kinda wound up because a few days before I caught my girlfriend of 4 years fucking some other guy and was in a pretty outrageously angry state. I got 1st place on the game and got to enter my initials.

    Now you say...."cool story bro" haha.

  • shashi
  • James Mcelroy

    Cool story bro

  • This_Update_Sucks


  • Jenness

    So no real time or clear score. Yeah. *slaps Geekologie with a rolled up piece of paper* Nuuu Nuuu Nnuuuuuuu!

  • Julia Johnson

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  • Jenness

    You are not allowed to use my name in a sentence Julia. You know the rules - you are violating the restraining order.

  • choo choo full steam ahead!


  • Jenness

    Ponder it. PONDER IT! *laughs maniacally*

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