The 20 Most Popular Websites Every Year Since 1996

December 30, 2014


Note: The chart is broken into pieces for readability. Full, much harder to read version HERE.

This is a chart listing the twenty most popular (English speaking?) websites every year since 1996. I like how Penthouse actually made the list the first year. Sadly, Geekologie is nowhere to be seen, presumably because we always float around between the 21st and 30th most popular website. Don't wanna be too popular, you know? They you wouldn't feel special for reading. This is like a secret club. *knock at door* What's the secret password? "Probably something about penises." *opening door* Come in, quick, we were just about to get started giving each other our superhero names.

Keep going for all the charts in order.





Thanks to Brian A, who only visits Geekologie and the because there is absolutely nothing else a person needs to know.

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