The 20 Most Popular Websites Every Year Since 1996

December 30, 2014


Note: The chart is broken into pieces for readability. Full, much harder to read version HERE.

This is a chart listing the twenty most popular (English speaking?) websites every year since 1996. I like how Penthouse actually made the list the first year. Sadly, Geekologie is nowhere to be seen, presumably because we always float around between the 21st and 30th most popular website. Don't wanna be too popular, you know? They you wouldn't feel special for reading. This is like a secret club. *knock at door* What's the secret password? "Probably something about penises." *opening door* Come in, quick, we were just about to get started giving each other our superhero names.

Keep going for all the charts in order.





Thanks to Brian A, who only visits Geekologie and the because there is absolutely nothing else a person needs to know.

  • Avid Procrastinator

    This list obviously doesn't include porn sites...

  • ciccio bomba

    oh come on, really. who does really still use yahoo??? it's IMPOSSIBLE to have it at first position. It's like saying that mIRC and ICQ are far more used than Skype. Nonsense. The last time I went to yahoo it was only for yahoogroups and it was something like 2001. I was still using Altavista, proudly. And it still has a css of 10-15 years ago.

  • Vixenvena

    So with the disappearance of the ".edu" top URLs after 1997, we can officially determine the year the internet became crowded with stupid people!

  • Mister Cerberus

    Yahoo was visited more than Google in 2013?

    This isn't even a mistake, it's just a lie.

  • shashi

    Good ol' altavista. If not for google, we could have spent our entire lives together

  • bobjr94

    I can already see this list is wrong. In 2007 & 2008 myspace was MUCH bigger than facebook, yet it's not listed anywhere but facebook is. Myspace would probably be in the top 5 from 2006-2009. And why is aol still up there so high ? There cant be that many people using aol mail, think most of them would have died by now. And what
    about youtube, not to popular I guess ?

    I think this list is much more realistic ( ) , this list here is worthless.

    When they say Microsoft, are they counting hotmail, xbox, bing, etc... ? I don't see why Microsoft it self would be so popular. Im gonnna go look at the next windows features 10 times a day.

  • Jan Bergström

    I'm sure some Chinese websites would take 5 of top 10 if you rank them in worldwide range.

  • shashi
  • Jan Bergström is not blocked ö

  • TyDurd

    dafuq is Glam Media?

  • Chaz Gomez

    Yeah... I don't believe the validity of this study... How the hell can AOL be on this in 2013 and no porn sites at all???

  • Gilbert

    I was sure Persiankitty was going to be there in the late 90's... And Youporn more recently...

  • tim

    I wonder how RSS changes this. The only times I actually jump onto this website is to post the occasional comment. Also, how is Youtube not on the list (yes, they're part of Google, but they're still a separate website)? Surely, there are more people watching cat videos than posting fake resumes on LinkedIn.

  • just1nw

    How the shit is AOL above anyone in this chart, let alone goddamn Amazon? Are there that many old people online?

  • Brain Hulk

    Because the chart goes off of parent companies. AOL owns a lot of sites, so the views of all those sites combined gets counted as AOL. HuffPost, aim, AutoBlog,, MapQuest, TechCrunch, engadget, and many more (AOL's site lists 36 in total). That's pretty much how Yahoo beat out Google as well.

  • jrose

    It's that same feeling when you think, Obviously way more people watch "Game of Thrones" than "NCIS", right? and then you see the Nielsen ratings.

  • Post_Nazi

    AOL really fell off the map for awhile there.

  • RejectKid

    AOL bought time warner (as you can see by the lines in these charts) then eventually spun off down the road.

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