Stephen Hawking Warns (Again) That Artificial Intelligence Could Spell The End Of Humanity

December 3, 2014


Stephen Hawking is warning again (previously this year) that artificial intelligence could spell the end of humanity, despite me being fairly certain it's just spelled nity. Hoho, burn! Ask your nurse to put that in your pipe and hold it up to your lips so you can smoke it, Stephen!

His warning came in response to a question about a revamp of the technology he uses to communicate, which involves a basic form of AI.

Prof Hawking says the primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved very useful, but he fears the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans.

"It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate," he said.
Celverbot Cleverbot is software that is designed to chat like a human would

"Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete, and would be superseded."

Honestly, I'm not really that worried. But mostly because I'll be dead before it becomes a problem, then it won't be MY problem. "But what about the children?" Have you seen the way they act on the internet? There's never been any hope for them. Believe me, if I could blow up the planet now and let God have a redo, I would. *in robot voice* "Who says there is a God?" Stephen Hawking, ladies and gentlemen! I'm pretty sure he just wheeled over my foot on purpose.

Thanks to Kizy and Terlanis, who agree it's no coincidence A and I are the first two vowels in the alphabet. "What about E?" E IS PRACTICALLY A CONSONANT.

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