Spidey?!: Speed Climber Scales 50-Foot Wall In 5.6-Sec

December 12, 2014


This is a video of Ukrainian speed climber Danyl Boldyrev jumping up a 15-meter (49.2-foot) wall in a record-breaking 5.60 seconds. For reference, that's about twice as fast as I could even run 15-meters, and that's assuming I don't cramp or trip and get a booboo. You know how long it took me to run the mile in high school? LOL, run the mile -- are you f***ing nuts? I forged a note from my mom saying my asthma would kill me.

Keep going for the video, then meet me in the parking lot and practice scaling the side of my apartment building. But no ropes -- we're not sissies.

Thanks to Greg M, who could do it almost 10-times as fast provided he was allowed to start in a circus cannon.

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