Sorcery: Video Compilation Of Perpetual Motion Machines

December 11, 2014


These are two videos showcasing numerous designs of perpetual motion machines throughout history. They were all fascinating to watch, particularly the ones in the second video (featuring more modern machines). Unfortunately, perpetual motion machines are impossible to develop without breaking the first and second laws of thermodynamics, which, unlike drunk in public laws, are much, much harder to break. Which is exactly why we need to capture an alien AND BEAT THE TECHNOLOGY OUT OF THEM. We had a chance with E.T., but noooooooo, that little jerk with the sweet bike helped him escape.

Keep going for the videos, then get out there and design your own perpetual motion machine! Oooooor open a new tab and watch p0rno.

Thanks to kingdesofmuff, who agrees GIFs are the only true perpetual motion machines.

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