So It Begins: Scientists Put Worm Brain In Robot Body

December 16, 2014


The group of scientists who created the Open Worm Project have successfully mapped the connections of all 302 neurons in a roundworm's brain, simulated them as a piece of computer software, and uploaded that software to a LEGO robot. So now there's a LEGO robot that acts like a worm. Roundworms are gross because they come out of your dog's butt after it eats cat shit, but regular earthworms, I like those. You know what my favorite thing about them is? The way they feel in my mouth when I'm eating them. "You're sick." Oh, and eating snails is fancy? Maybe next time you can check your double standards at the door.

Keep going for a video of the wormbot in action.

Thanks to cooray, Cheshiremoonz and Laurie, who agree worm robots today, killer spider robots tomorrow.

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