Smack It With A Hammer: Giant 13x13x13 Rubik's Cube

December 12, 2014


This is the Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick (not actually a Rubik's cube, just similar) available from Brando. It costs $320, which is pretty expensive for something I'm inevitably going to throw at the ground as hard as I can, then stab and set on fire. Just saying, you know what happened to my last Rubik's cube? Neither do the police.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Brando Ng, who should send me a bunch of free stuff for my time and effort.

  • Eric Stodolnik

    its not that hard to solve at all. just takes a little while...
    I just dont want to shell out the 300$ for it! :(
    Sadly, I know eventually I will... I need this.

  • Nope

  • TyDurd

    *punt* I did it!

  • shashi

    the psychological analysis attributed the mental breakdown to what a forensics report later described as a "blunt instrument"

  • Closet Nerd

    Holy Flurkin Shnit!
    .....just sayin

  • Jenness

    This is just a torture device waiting for a knife to pop those pieces off and be rearranged.

  • Xankar

    It would still be torture trying to put those pieces back together in a rearranged order :I

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