Pure Sadness: Lady Guesses 'Wood-Burning Microwave' On The Wheel Of Fortune

December 11, 2014


This is a short video of a woman (second from the right) guessing 'Wood-Burning Microwave' for a toss-up puzzle on The Wheel Of Fortune with the clue 'Around The House' and not 'Things that Don't F***ing Exist' like you might have expected. Hey, at least the letters matched the puzzle, unlike the dipshit guy that guesses 'Wood-Burning Furnace' right after her. What is this, reject week on Wheel of Fortune or something? Because I want in. I'll take 'Dinosaurs' for $200, Alex. "Wrong game show." Shut your mouth, Sajak, I know what I'm doing. Now is it my time to bid? One dollar, Bob!

Keep going for the sadness.

Thanks to PYY, who owns a steam-powered television.

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