Pets Reacting To Other Animals On 4K Television

December 22, 2014


This is a commercial for LG's new 4K television featuring a bunch of pets reacting to other animals on the screen. It all looked pretty suspect to me. Fake, the shadows are all wrong, you can tell it's fake because it's a commercial and all commercials were designed to trick the viewer into thinking something works better than it actually does (I'm looking at you, Oxy-Clean!). Per the video's description:

Funny cats and dogs video watching LG 4K TV. With 4X the resolution, even animals can't tell the difference watching a LG 4K TV. How do your pets react to TV?

Well thanks for asking, LG. My pets don't react to TV. I thought my cat cared once, but it turned out she was just interested in a fly that was NEAR the TV. She does react to the sound of me opening cans though. She always thinks it's tuna or cat food. Then she gets really sassy with me when it's just Spaghetti Oh's or garbanzo beans.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Melissa, who is a firm believer that pets should watch less television and go outside and play in the yard more.

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