Parents Outraged Play-Doh Extruder Looks Like A Peen

December 31, 2014


Because a lot of grown-ups actively need things to complain about, a number of parents have taken to social media to complain the "icing extruder" (seen in the far left of the picture, closeups after the jump) in Play-Doh's Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset looks like a penis. Some parents even went so far as to say the toy RUINED CHRISTMAS. I dunno, that must have been a pretty shitty Christmas to begin with if a perfectly good toy is going to ruin it. Personally, nothing short of seeing Santa's fatter-than-it-is-long penis dangling from the chimney is going to ruin my Christmas. Also, you parents need to CALM DOWN. You know how many toys I played with growing up that looked like penises? DOZENS. And look how I turned out. "You're obsessed with penises." BESIDE THE POINT. Toys excluded, you know how many things that look like penises exist in the world? BILLIONS. You can't go running off complaining because something looks like one, because guess what? IT'S NEVER GOING TO END. That said, after further reviewing the closeups after the jump, that thing is a dead-ringer for the Gingerbread Man's pecker. I mean, damn, they couldn't have done a better job.

Keep going for a closeup of what is soon to be the most collectible Play-Doh extruder of all time. Also, Hasbro has announced future versions of the toy will have a different shaped extruder, and people who already bought the set can request a new one, but I'm not including any of the information on how to do that here, because in my mind none of you are the kind of parents that are complaining.



Thanks to Stephanie A, my buddy C-Nasty (who really is disgusting) and marcus, who are already on their way to Toys 'R Us to snatch up the last remaining good versions of the toy.

  • darabe

    its just not something you want to come home to and see your son sucking on.

  • The_Wretched

    And your daughter??

  • o0THX11380o

    God I wish my dick looked like that, all ribbed and shit for her pleasure.

  • Lisa Cunningham

    Most hillarious Play Doh Extruder Video Ever! -

  • David Gabel

    While it does slightly look like one, parents need to stop overreacting to this shit. They (or a relative) bought the damn thing in the first place.

  • Closet Nerd

    "Mommy, why is my Play-Doh Extruder on your night table.... and its all sticky!"

  • Mike Gr

    Give it a few months and it'll be rebranded as "My First Dildo".

  • craig37f .

    Actually, as a parent I see their point. That there looks exactly like something you would find at an adult toy store. However, I would have just taken it back and got a refund, problem solved.

  • captaindash

    Serious question: what would be the problem even if the kids realized it looks like a penis? Half of all young people already have something that looks even more like a penis, attached to the front of them. Right about in the middle region. It's not like 7 yr olds will see this and try to fornicate and produce unwanted babies. I'm not trolling, I honestly want to know what's wrong with seeing something that resembles a part of the body. What is the worst case scenario?

  • ProphetFlume

    Why does it matter what it looks like? You could give a kid a real dildo and they'd just dick around with it like any other abstract toy.

  • stuffsticks

    Brilliant ad where 2 kids come running out the house playing sword fight with the ladies 2 rather large dildos in front of her and other mom

  • The_Wretched

    I've seen that ad. It exists.

  • Wiley

    Why argue with success? If you're looking for a shape to shoot out icing, why look further?

    I already see Christmas as a joke at this point. People like these who feel it was ruined because of a toy show what many people truly value in the holiday, which happens to be pathetic.

  • shashi

    Wife: "OH MY GOD! Honey look, this toy has the same star shaped opening as your trouser snake"
    Husband: "what? My dong has a triangular opening! Who are you thinking of?"
    Wife: "Christmas is RUINED!!"

  • Mike A

    I work at a pipe shop and every time someone doesn't want to buy a certain pipe cause it "looks like a penis". I always tell them, "No it doesn't, you just think about penises to much." 99% of the time it dudes too.

  • Fred

    If that's what kids grow up thinking a cock looks like they are going to be sorely disappointed - and faintly horrified.

  • ben

    need to ban dolphins on wheels too then...

  • ProphetFlume

    Anything that even resembles a penis ruins everything. I know what I'm talking about, I've been to the tumblr.

  • Ed

    Ribbed for her pleasure!

  • Roark

    A circumcised Play-Doh Extruder is more hygienic

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