Parents Outraged Play-Doh Extruder Looks Like A Peen

December 31, 2014


Because a lot of grown-ups actively need things to complain about, a number of parents have taken to social media to complain the "icing extruder" (seen in the far left of the picture, closeups after the jump) in Play-Doh's Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset looks like a penis. Some parents even went so far as to say the toy RUINED CHRISTMAS. I dunno, that must have been a pretty shitty Christmas to begin with if a perfectly good toy is going to ruin it. Personally, nothing short of seeing Santa's fatter-than-it-is-long penis dangling from the chimney is going to ruin my Christmas. Also, you parents need to CALM DOWN. You know how many toys I played with growing up that looked like penises? DOZENS. And look how I turned out. "You're obsessed with penises." BESIDE THE POINT. Toys excluded, you know how many things that look like penises exist in the world? BILLIONS. You can't go running off complaining because something looks like one, because guess what? IT'S NEVER GOING TO END. That said, after further reviewing the closeups after the jump, that thing is a dead-ringer for the Gingerbread Man's pecker. I mean, damn, they couldn't have done a better job.

Keep going for a closeup of what is soon to be the most collectible Play-Doh extruder of all time. Also, Hasbro has announced future versions of the toy will have a different shaped extruder, and people who already bought the set can request a new one, but I'm not including any of the information on how to do that here, because in my mind none of you are the kind of parents that are complaining.



Thanks to Stephanie A, my buddy C-Nasty (who really is disgusting) and marcus, who are already on their way to Toys 'R Us to snatch up the last remaining good versions of the toy.

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