Monkey Resuscitates Friend After Being Electrocuted

December 23, 2014


Note: Video is kind of graphic on account of temporarily dead monkey.

This is a video from a Kanpur, India train station of a monkey resuscitating his friend that was electrocuted by the high-voltage electrical lines the trains run on. Obviously, he manages to save him, otherwise the title would have read 'Sadness: Monkey Fails To Resuscitate Friend After Being Electrocuted'. Plus I never would have posted it.

Keep going for the video, but do NOT use it as an instructional video of how to resuscitate a human friend (there's a lot of head biting and body slamming).

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who is super evil, but still never wants to see anything bad happen to a monkey.

  • Cantileverous

    The latest reincarnation of the previously posted dead monkey video link:

  • Ramonez
  • Andrew Newton

    Someone needs to revive this video from copyright death.

  • Djetaine
  • Billy Maxwell

    I think being bitten on the d!ck woke up that monkey. His "friend" seemed to be like, "I'ma bite you on the d!ck again if you don't get up!" Just before drowning little fried guy at the end. So much for resuscitation when he tosses his friend into that water just before the video stopped. Maybe I missed something.

  • Hugo Ram

    This monkey looked so dead and toasted that his own friend tried to eat it up.

  • James Mcelroy

    Dead monkey? How do we know he wasn't just stunned the F up? Then got beaten/chewed/thrown around until he was like, "what just happened? Why does my neck hurt? No so much here, or here, but right here."

  • Post_Nazi

    Yeah, I'm with the others. This video should be titled "Monkey's Arch Nemesis Gets the Last Laugh!"

  • Kevin

    and at the end, he gets thrown into a pool of water, head first.

  • James Mcelroy


  • Jenness

    Yeah, he was biting his eye socket FFS - that's not "helping" him - whomever thinks so has issues. LOL

  • Kevin

    he kinda just throws his monkey a** around while people take pictures...

  • Shegs

    even though he moved a bit towards the end, I'm not convinced that he actually came back.

  • Adaline

    There is another longer video that shows the monkey in a sitting position while his friend 'massages'? His back

  • JJtoob

    Especially if the monkey's muscles were cramped and then it got thrown into water, so good luck not drowning there.

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