Marketing Gone Wrong: TGI Friday's Mistletoe Carrying Drone Hits Woman In Face, Slices Nose Open

December 9, 2014


A TGI Friday's patron in New York got an unsuspected surprise after a drone carrying mistletoe (intended to encourage restaurant goers to kiss) hit her in the face and cut her nose. Hey -- still better than losing an eye. Unless you want to be a pirate, in which case rocking an eyepatch garners some serious street cred (technically high-seas cred).

After the crash, pilot David Quiones tried to blame a diner for the accident, saying she had flinched when he tried to land the craft on her hand.

He added that diners would not be put off coming because of the accident, saying everyone knows the risks but chooses to ignore them.

According to the Brooklyn Daily, he said: 'If people get hurt, they're going to come regardless. People get hurt in airplanes, they still fly. There is a risk involved - anything flying, there is risk.'

I love how the pilot is blaming somebody else. Dude, even if that woman did flinch, it's your fault for trying to land the drone on her in the first place. This is your fault, and I doubt TGI Friday's really wants you making all these statements. And why are they even using drones in the first place? Whatever happened to the ol' mistletoe on a string prank? That seems a lot less complicated. I always hang mistletoe above my door and ask the UPS man if he wants to kiss every time he brings a package. Plus deck the halls with dingleberries.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees there's nothing less romantic than kissing under a drone.

  • Menstrual Jelly

    Would be even more hilariously awkward if they were siblings, not a couple.

  • Clampity

    Just keep flying
    Just keep flying
    Just keep flying

    Flying flying

  • shashi

    im starting to see a pattern forming in your comments, get me Robert Langdon "what?" Rob "Yes, what is it? RELEASE THE KRAKEN

  • Bubbubsky

    I bet all the obscene amount of salt in their food really burned it, too.

  • adsfadfs

    its begun! they're attacking

  • Jenness

    Guy sounds like a tool who lied on his resume'. "Pilot David Quiones" is really just a model train enthusiast who has only done this a week and is 19.

  • Applebeez

    Damn... really was hoping for that "video after the jump" button...

  • Guest

    I was really hoping to learn how I can make money from home. Right GW? Oh I kid, you dont' read the comments.

  • catallergy

    ask and you shall receive

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