Man Tests First Dual Shoulder-Down Cyborg Arms

December 18, 2014


Meet Les Baugh. Les had both arms amputated at the shoulder after a freak electrical accident 40 years ago (and not from being torn off by an angry bear like I initially suspected). Now he's the first person to successfully use the bilateral shoulder-down modular prosthetic limbs developed by the doctors and scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Each arms operates with a full 3-degrees of freedom and over 30-degrees of motion, and are controlled intuitively simply by thinking of moving a specific part. From watching the video, the technology obviously has a ways to go, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction. One of the scientists interviewed even references in five to ten years from now, he expects to be developing robotic prosthetics so advanced people will actually be cutting their own limbs off to get them. Fine, he didn't say that, but I could tell he was THINKING IT thanks to the mind-reading chip aliens implanted in my head while I was passed out drunk in the woods over the weekend. "You don't have a mind-reading chip." Yes I do too, I can feel it. *brushing back hair on side of head* See? "That's a tick." GET IT OFF ME, PLEASE, JUST BURN IT.

Keep going for the inspirational video.

Thanks to Matty, V Diddy and Jeremy, who agree it's only a matter of time until amputees are the undisputed champions of arm wrestling.

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