Man Syncs Christmas Light Show To Star Wars Songs

December 17, 2014


This is a video of music teacher (hence the giant instruments) Tom BetGeorge's Christmas lights display. Tom says he has about 12,500 channels running 100,000 lights, and this year they're all synced to Star Wars songs (there's even a lightsaber battle). I wonder how many people have been blinded by the display and blown through that stop sign and crashed into a neighbor's house. Because in my mind it's at least in the tens, and that neighbor is pissed.

Keep going for the video, which I totally took from our sister site Hedonistica, which you should be visiting regularly, like the bathroom. Remember: eight glasses a day.

  • Meh

    It doesn't stop..

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  • Conor Ghame

    If he had put the effort into his career that he put into his "light-show", he wouldn't have to live in a 900 sq ft hell-hole

  • Jenness

    The light saber battle with the spot lights and smoke effects was awesome!!

    While parts of this setup have been done (the faces that sing) the moving keyboard, smoke effects, awesome moving spotlights and it was much better choreographed in terms of the lights lighting up things that made it seem as if they were totally matching the music. Sorry - but this one is really the best I've seen - EVER! Plus the lights all changed colors - everything was multi-colored!! How can you not LOVE THIS! Lolololol

  • Wiley

    These are getting so stale...
    Big guitar, giant keyboard, random regular sized drum kit to the side, tree, star wars? It's just a mixing pot of concepts and visuals and doesn't feel connected at all.

    I find these to be so awkward to begin with though. Then again I'm not from the suburbs.

  • bobjr94

    First thing I thought. Why musical instruments, why not storm troopers, xwings and walkers ?

  • jamie

    Haha that would be pretty cool although perhaps it is because he is a music teacher............

  • kevin

    That guys gotta have tolerant neighbors!

  • Bad Habit

    I'd be getting plenty of BB gun practice.

  • shashi

    he lives next to a home for deaf, dumb and blind kids but they sure play a mean pinball

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