Man Catches 12-Pound, 70-Year Old Lobster In California

December 5, 2014


And he used himself as bait! Just kidding, that only works with sharks and the Kraken.

This is the 12-pound, estimated 60-70 year old lobster caught by biologist Forrest Galante off the coast of Anacapa Island, California. Damn, could you imagine-- "Eating the tail of that thing?" What? No, I was going to say could you imagine all the mermaids this guy must have seen in his lifetime. Even if he only spotted one mermaid a year, that's still 60 - 70 mermaids. And, perhaps even more importantly (definitely more importantly), 120 - 140 mermaid titties. That's one lucky crustacean. Especially considering Forrest released him back into the wild instead of selling him to Red Lobster like me or anybody else with dollar signs for eyeballs would have done.

Keep going for several more shots and a video.





Thanks to Hub, who's just impressed to a see a 70-year old lobster that still has all its legs.

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