Mac Sabbath: The Evil McDonald's Character Black Sabbath Cover Band

December 30, 2014


Mac Sabbath is a Black Sabbath cover band that plays the original band's tunes, but with the words changed to relate to McDonald's. There's a video of a live performance of 'Frying Pan' (Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man') after the jump, and I kept waiting for Ronald to grab that Fry Kid and bite its head off, but it never happened. Seriously? I'd be pissed if the cover was over $5. That said, I'd still let evil Grimace sign my chest with a McRib.

Keep going for the performance.

Thanks to Trevor, who wants to start a Captain Planet and the Planeteers themed cover band. Heck yeah, I call the triangle and cow bell.

  • Eric Darnell

    Fantastic! As for the Captain Planet cover band, may I suggest Planeteers for Fears.

  • Robble? Rob rob Robble Rock robble rob robble! Hamburglars -

  • btprice2001

    I took 10 years of guitar lessons for this!?!

  • "I'm lovin' it!"

  • Alex Musso

    Lovin' beats Hatin'

  • Jenness

    How high were they when they came up with this? The answer: They were so high they could taste the color 12.

  • TheQiwiMan

    high enough to want to eat McDonalds?

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