It's Never Too Warm For Hidden Flask Mittens

December 11, 2014


This is the $20 Mitten Flask. It's a pair of mittens with a 3-ounce (5-ounces too small) flexible flask hidden inside the palm of the left-hand mitten, with a bite-valve at the thumb. That sucks because 1. I'm left-handed and would prefer the flask be in the right mitten, which 2. they could have avoided by making the mittens ambidextrous, but 3. really should have just put a flask in both. If I was one of the investors on Shark Tank I would demand this inventor pay me for wasting my time. That said, they still made #8 on my Christmas list.

Thanks to Kumo, who just carries a liquor bottle because the police have stopped caring.

  • I don't know why they always have these things touching skin. Hide it somewhere it's concealed but not warming up to 98.6 as soon as I fill it up.

  • catallergy

    Why not just carry a flask? I don't understand this trend of hiding alcohol on you. Who is going through your pockets trying to see if you have booze? Even at sporting events and concerts, no one is rooting through my pockets. Going through my girlfriends purse, sure, but not my pockets.

  • PUNX

    now i can get into this, not like that dumb drinking sweater. GW just ask for two and give the non flask ones out as a crappy gift or white elephant gift.... two problem solved.

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