It's Come To This: Pizza Hut Made A Doritos Crusted Pizza

December 5, 2014


Because most major pizza chains have given up on trying to make quality pizza and instead been focusing their efforts on inventing new shitty novelty pies that nobody will try more than once, this is the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza available from Pizza Hut Australia. It's a pizza with a mozzarella filled crust that's also been sprinkled with Doritos. I'm not even going to pretend I wouldn't try it, but I will be pretending I didn't buy it with my roommate's credit card. Pizza Hut, really? Come on bro, you know I don't like pizza chain pizza. "Then what happened?" Beats me, maybe Cookie Monster stole your identity. "Why would Cookie Monster steal my identity to buy pizza?" To feed Oscar the Grouch? I don't live on Sesame Street, I don't know those f***ers.

Keep going for a shot of what the crust actually looks like if you order one.


Thanks to KL, who only orders pizza from pizza places run by real Italians who are all but impossible to understand on the phone when you're trying to place an order. Heck yeah, I have no clue what I ordered, but it's gonna be GOOD.

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