I'd Kill To Live In Rapture: Bioshock Themed Aquarium

December 29, 2014


This is the beautifully crafted Bioshock themed aquarium built by Tim Baker Creations as part of the Super-Fan Build web series. They did an amazing job (the Big Daddy's mask has lights inside and his drill even rotates), I just wish it had even MORE decorations. Like, maybe a couple piles of debris and dead splicers. Ooh -- and a spider splicer hanging from the ceiling. And some turrets. And a Circus of Values vending machine. OOH -- AND A VITA-CHAMBER. Or a skeleton pirate drinking out of a rum jug, I'm not being particular.

Keep going for a video of the build, but skip to the end if you just want to see the finished product.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the coolest aquariums are the one with the most bubble-powered animated ghost pirates.

  • big_OL

    the fish were all dead the next day due to the toxicity of the paints

  • Andrew Newton

    Rapture: The underwater city - Hell Yes!

    Rapture: A haven for a bunch of Ayn Rand fans? I'm not so sure how cool that'd be, even if it is underwater.

  • Lathaniel

    Well, in the game, Rapture is sort of an Ayn Rand-esque haven like you say (however the game is more a criticism of Rand's kind of ideals), but it falls into anarchy before the game begins.

  • Andrew Newton

    yes, thank you, I've played the first game. Before it was in Anarchy, it was a fully functioning society.

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