I See What You Did There: Ackbar Brand Mouse Traps

December 17, 2014


These are the Admiral Ackbar brand mouse traps created by Cullen Sweet. In case you've been living under a rock your entire life, Admiral Ackbar is famous for yelling, 'IT'S A TARP!' during the Battle of Endor. "Trap, not tarp." You know, one day I'm going to get around to actually watching those movies.

Thanks to Doctor Joe, who isn't actually allowed to practice medicine anymore since the incident.

  • Guest

    1st spelling error there GW. It's a "Trap" not a "Tarp" I'll give you time to fix it.

  • Sir Damato III

    You do realize that the mousetrap as pictured has no catch for the arm to hook in and hence wont work as the trap can never be set. I guess thats the trap...

  • Janet Morton

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  • Looks like a "Dave"

    There's also a little problem with how the metal is attached to the wood.

  • ronanry

    it's a trap trap...

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