How To: Make A Pair Of Functional Wooden Pliers Out Of A Block Of Wood In Only Ten Cuts

December 30, 2014


This is a video of master carver David Warther showing us how to make a pair of wooden pliers out of a small block of wood with only ten cuts. He came up with the design himself through trial and error. Still, watching him work that knife so close to his thumb made me nervous, and he even admits it took him "a few packages of Band-Aids" before he figured it all out. Still, a pair of pliers from a block of wood in ten cuts? Pretty cool. Even cooler? A cordless drill in nine cuts.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:20 if you don't want to listen to David's soothing voice talking about the pliers and just get straight to the cuts.

Thanks to Austin, who might not be able to make a pair of pliers out of a piece of wood, but can sharpen a stick to a point and poke you with it.

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