Heartwarming: Hachi The Terminator Dog Is Doing Great

December 29, 2014


Remember back in 2011 when I posted Hachi the Terminator dog? Hachi was burned in a house fire and sat unadopted for over a year and a half. Then I posted his story (which quickly went around the interwebs) and he got adopted almost instantly. Now his new caretakers have reached out to me with an update on this magnificent creature. The whole story from the beginning, according to reader Matt, who made it all happen. WARNING: Kinda tearjerky.

Hachi is doing awesome. Here is a quick run down of how he came to live with us and what he's up to now.

After my mom passed away in late 2009, my wife and I were keen to try and find a dog to keep my father company. We tried for about a year, sending him pictures of various dogs from local shelters, but for whatever reason he was very resistant to getting a dog. One day, I came across the original story about Hachi that ran on Geekologie back in 2011. I happened to notice that the shelter that was taking care of Hachi was only a few miles from where my dad lives. I emailed the link to my pop and told him that "he needed this dog and this dog needed him." Something clicked and he picked up the phone and called that same afternoon. Two days later Hachi was all moved in and the two have been inseparable ever since. They take long walks together every day (usually down along the harbor in San Pedro). Everyone wants to know what happened to Hachi and my dad recounts the story in great detail to everyone who asks. It's gotten so that he and Hachi have become somewhat minor celebrities in the neighborhood and along the waterfront.

At home, Hachi is living pretty large. His burns are mostly healed. As you can see from the pics below he still has large spots where the hair does not grow. We put a special cream on these areas every day or so to keep them from cracking and itching. Also as a result of the fire, Hachi has some ongoing digestive challenges, so my dad cooks him a vet-suggested meal of ground turkey and rice every day. He's got a several swanky dog beds throughout the house (the kind with the memory foam). I set my pop up with a credit card expressly for Hachi's food, vet bills and other costs, so that is taken care of as well.

One last bit of coolness... Last year I heard that Ellen Degeneres and Petco were teaming up to offer some grants for amazing pet adoption stories. I put together a grant submission outlining Hachi's story and submitted it, and ended up winning $5,000 grant for Pal Rescue, the group that took Hachi in after the fire. We were pretty stoked that we were able to use Hachi's story to help assist other animals.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you and update. We've tried (unsuccessfully) to track down the firemen and vet who originally saved Hachi to thank them. Who knows...maybe if you run and update, this story will find its way to them.

What a beautiful story. It makes my heart soar like a roflcopter to know I played even the smallest part in getting this beautiful K-9000 unit adopted. And remember: if you're thinking about getting a new pet, please consider adoption. Adopted pets make the best pets. Trust me *mixing random beakers together* I did the science.

Keep going for a couple more shots of Hachi and his new caretaker living the dream.



Thanks to Matt, who is undeniably an A+ quality human.

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