Glass Planets Of The Solar System X-Mas Tree Ornaments

December 8, 2014


This is the Blown Glass Solar System Ornament Set. It includes the sun (not shown) and all nine planets (high-five, Pluto!). Unfortunately, the set costs $375, which is significantly out of my ornament budget this year. I can barely afford to string popcorn together. Besides, what good is a $375 ornament set if my cat is just going to climb in the tree, knock it over, and break everything? Because he will. Won't you, Gingersnaps? Gingersnaps?! Wait, where'd my cat go? "You don't have a cat." Oh thank goodness.

Thanks to Ian, who is going to make his own, significantly less expensive solar system ornament set by painting Styrofoam balls just like I did when I made a solar system mobile in middle school.

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