Feel Good Story: 3-D Printed Prosthetics Allow Dog Born With Disfigured Legs To Run For The First Time

December 16, 2014


This is a video chronicling the story of Derby the dog. Derby was born with disfigured front legs and later adopted by Tara Anderson, who happens to be a director at 3D Systems, a global 3-D printing company. So what did she do? Got Derby some 3-D printed prosthetics so he he can walk and run now! I cried. Then I beat myself up for crying. Then I cried because beating myself up hurt a lot.

Keep going for your feel good video of the day.

Thanks to Jeremy, who wants his arm replaced with a crossbow. Cool, I want mine replaced with one of Olive Garden's endless pasta bowls.

  • Deksam

    Now to make them taller.

  • shashi

    Wait, what is this feeling in my chest? It like a stabbing feeling and its making my eyes water *sniff* *sniff* http://youtu.be/9ryPUJyQf6g...

  • Matthew Anderson

    Red Forman apparently learned a lot about cybernetics by unintentinally contributing to the creation of Robocop!

  • Jenness

    With all the sorrow in the world it's nice to see people who are putting out good, I'm sure that this will be a step in helping so many other beings.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Dogster Pistorius

  • Bling Nye

    I might be a terrible person, because this is the first thing that popped into my head...


  • shashi

    LOL. You are a terrible person, In future i will instruct my dog not to piss on you when you're on fire.

  • Clampity

    Take my paw

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Is it me or the dog seemed entirely content with his life before? Yes it was nice and no I will never amount this level of generosity in my life. But if I was going to I'd priorities to something a bit more useful : some kids without insurance are suffering a bit more.

  • shashi
  • captaindash

    It's totally fine to ask that question. Everybody values things differently and that's a good thing because if nobody payed any specific attention to anything, everything would only get half assed solutions. So good on this woman, and good on the people who want to help kids without insurance. And why does it have to be one or the other? Maybe this leads to kids being helped. I'm not even a dog person at all, but even I wanted to play with this one. He just seemed so happy.

  • its just you. and you alone.

  • afterooster

    Kids Without Insurance is the name of my band and we greatly appreciate all of your donations.

  • TheQiwiMan

    A gentle reminder; before caring about anything in this world, or doing any good for any of Nature's creatures, please make sure you have informed Priority Police Officer Frédéric Purenne of your intentions before-hand, so as to ascertain the correct level of importance your good intentions actually merit.
    Remember, you are not allowed to care about ANYTHING unless you care about ALL OF THE THINGS in their proper priority.
    Yours in Christ,
    Sergeant Smug Douche Bag

  • Stephen

    That made my day.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    As you would have noticed, I proposed my opinion as a question, not imposing it.

    ... but well played!

  • Al Briggs

    It's 3D printing... it isn't like it's a rare commodity these days. The dogs quality of life is vastly improved now.

  • Toastrider

    What's more, 3D printing allows for revisions to the systems involved far faster than a traditional design procedure. They could probably knock out new legs in a couple days if the first set don't work right.

  • lordpikachu


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