Eating With The Doctor: Sonic Screwdriver Utensil Set

December 22, 2014


This is the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver flatware set available from ThinkGeek. It costs $30 for a spoon, fork and knife. For reference, that's $10 per utensil, or $2 more than I paid in total for a 20-piece set of flatware from IKEA (I got this one). Still, maybe you're rich and can afford a ton of sonic screwdriver flatware. Or maybe you're not rich but live alone and really love Doctor Who and only need a single spoon, fork and knife. Or maybe you just robbed a bank. Or maybe you've been looking for a reason to rob a bank. I've eaten a bowl of cereal almost every morning for the last ten years with the same spoon. And that spoon is a Taco Bell spork.

Thanks to Marc, who eats with his bare hands.

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