Don't Bother Me: The Nutshell Personal Isolation Pod

December 5, 2014


Kit-Kat is not amused.

This is the nutshell personal isolation pod invented by SVA Product of Design student Eden Lew, who apparently lives in a world where there's no fear of ever being robbed and/or stabbed.

As a student I'm always looking for the quickest meal to avoid stopping my workflow. I decided that if I'm going to spend five minutes or less eating a lunch, then I might as well use that five minutes to take a mental break.Thus the Nutshell was created to block out distractions and to focus on eating and thinking.

You know what I do when I need to take a mental break at work? Put a black trashbag over my head. It's a lot like sensory deprivation, because eventually I start to get lightheaded and my mind begins to wander. Then? CLARITY. "No, that's you about to die." IT'S CLARITY. I even saw a light once before a concerned coworker came and tore the bag off my head. Dammit Jeff, I don't judge how you spend your lunch breaks.

Keep going for a couple more pics.



Thanks to Carlos, who just puts his dead on his desk and tapes a 'DISTURB AND DIE' note to his back. My God what I would give to replace that with a 'KICK ME'.

  • Michael Knight

    makes me think of children playing hide and seek. holding their hands up over their face so that they can't see you and you are supposed act like you can't either. so, grow up....

  • Beanhimself

    Weezer is pissed

  • Proctor

    I'll buy one if it covers my penoidal area and is fitted with eye holes.

  • lordpikachu

    alternatively, a blanket

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Can you use it to roll like a pillbug and fight crime?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Trying to eat the fastest way possible to get back to work isn't taking a break, it's avoiding a break!

  • Guest

    No thanks, I'm good. I have a facial expression I can do that does the job...

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