Crime-Fighting Autonomous Security Bots Now Roaming Silicon Valley, Available For Rent

December 3, 2014


These are a bunch of Knightscope K5 security robots. They look like a cross between R2-D2, a Dalek, and the kind of buttplug you'd expect to find on a space station. Microsoft already tested a crew of them at its Silicon Valley campus. And you can rent some too, starting as low as $6.25/hour with at least a year contract. Alternatively, keep the real-life useful security guards you already have and stop giving our jobs to unqualified robots.

They are 1.5 meters tall (or 5 feet), weigh about 135 kilos (or 300 pounds), and are outfitted with a laser scanner and a 360-degree video camera, CBS News reported.

The robots rove throughout a designated perimeter, navigate around people and things in their paths, and record activity and sounds by shooting live videos.

They also use a LIDAR technology that delivers 3D maps.

If a crime is committed in front of the robot and the would-be burglar persists, it will record the car license plate, take pictures, send the geotag location and the time and send everything to a human in the command center.

The robots don't confront criminals, but if it attacked, will let out a chirp that will get louder and louder as the threat persists and notifying the control center.

The robots offer a "commanding presence," really? Those things do not look too commanding. I would just say they offer a presence. Kick one of these things over and its useless. And by the time REAL security shows up I've already opened the f***er and stolen all the expensive hardware. ALTHOUGH -- scratch that, new plan. So I'm going to rent a couple of these guys for $6.25/hour, right? Then I'm going to RE-RENT them to perverts for $25/hour as sex bots. Win/win. Except for whoever actually decides to rent one, because these things definitely weren't made for pleasure.

Keep going for a couple videos of their commanding presence.

Thanks to kenzen, Zachariah and Sean Q, who agree you're better off taping a webcam and walkie talkie to a dog.

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