Countertop Robotic Bartender Mixes Drinks In Seconds

December 29, 2014


Somabar is a countertop robotic bartender that can mix perfectly proportioned drinks in less than five seconds using the six liquid ingredients of your choosing. You just fill up the six reservoirs ("Soma pods") with your choice of booze and mixers, use the app to tell the machine what's where, and it creates a list of cocktails it can make based on what you've included. You can pre-order one now for $400, but they'll cost $500 after the already funded Kickstarter campaign ends. Personally, I like making cocktails by hand. That way I can make them exactly the way I want them. I was actually making some Moscow mules last night. Then I ran out of ginger beer and was just making glasses of vodka and a mess in my apartment. Still, you know what the best thing about a robot bartender is though? "You don't have to tip?" Can't catch you stealing bottles. Plus won't try to take your girlfriend home at the end of the night.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and the Kickstarter video.



Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best drink is a stiff one. Some goes for penises.

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