Caffeine And Cannabis: Coffee Mug With Pipe In Handle

December 17, 2014


Nice shoulder-pads, bro. Also, YOU'RE LIGHTING AN EMPTY PIPE.

Seen here looking remarkably similar to the pipe mug I invented in ceramics class in high school, this is the PIPEMUG available from Zang. It's a $50 ceramic coffee mug with an "intented-for-tobacco-use-only" pipe in the handle. It's the perfect mug for waking and baking on a rainy Saturday morning. Or, if you're unemployed, for every morning.

The world's only mug with a pipe in it! Don't compromise your comfort by searching for your pipe when relaxing with your favorite drink from your mug, because now the two are one in the same! Feel at ease knowing there's no cross contamination between your smoke and your favorite drink. The PIPEMUG is the only way sip it and rip it!

Well, I think I found my new coffee mug for the office. Plus if anybody tries to steal it I'll call them out for smoking weed at work. But if anybody tries to call me out for smoking weed at work, I'll accuse them of trying to prevent a sick man from taking his medicine. I have a condition. "Escapism?" It's chronic.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to PYY, who agrees caffeine and THC are hands down two of the sweetest drugs God even invented.

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