Bad Ideas: Yoga On The Back Of A Moving Motorcycle

December 3, 2014


This guy: He copies what he sees on TV.

This is a video about 40-year old Indian farmer Gugulotu Lachiram and his quest to perform complex yoga poses on the back of a moving motorcycle. Hey, -- life dreams: everyone's are different.

Lachiram, a farmer by profession, has been a keen sportsman since his childhood.Two of his great loves are motorbike riding and yoga -and one day six years ago he was inspired to combine them. Lachiram does his yoga exercises for 2 hours every day, and can perform several yoga-inspired poses on his speeding motorbike. Reaching speeds of 60km/hr and covering distances of up to 5km, his daredevil act has brought him some fame in his hometown.

"His daredevil act has brought him some fame in his hometown." Yeah, well it should have brought him some local police attention. I don't want to share the road with some guy with no hands or feet on his bike. People texting are f***ing bad enough, but at least their feet are on the pedals.

Hit the jump for a video of why it's important to ask somebody if they intend to practice yoga before getting on a bike with them.

Thanks to Laughalin, who agrees it's only a matter of time till this guy planks a tree.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The one thing he did that scared me the most that he did is when he put his whole body behind the bike and was hanging onto that rack with his feet right above the pipes. It looked like the bike was gonna flip.

    I know this guy probably weighs about a third of the what the bike weighs but think of this... one quarter of the vehicle's total mass just shifted behind the rear wheel. The front end is already kind of light. If the carb suddenly dripped a bit too much fuel into the cylinder he could get thrown or he could end up wearing a license plate on dick or something.

    Otherwise, pretty bold. You see guys do this in the US but they do it on closed courses with padding, leathers, boots, and a helmet. I'd love to see this dude do a full lotus stoppie (endo, whatever people call it when you're on the front wheel).

  • Dani

    He has no ambition if he doesn't do Shirshasana (headstand asana) on his motorbike.

  • Jenness

    I can't imagine how this could possibly go wrong. Who needs safety equipment when speeding down Indian roadways that are not closed to oncoming traffic doing yoga?

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