$30,000 Time Traveling DeLorean Conversion Kits

December 15, 2014


This is one of the $30,000 time-traveling DeLorean conversion kits available from Bob's Prop Shop on eBay. You just buy the $30,000 kit, ship them your regular, non-time-traveling DeLorean, and 3-6 weeks later they ship your car back looking like one of the time machines from the movie (either a BTTF1 plutonium powered model or BTTF2 Mr. Fusion powered one). Obviously, I want the one that runs on banana peels and Miller beer cans. What's included:

All additions are PERMANENT. Holes will be drilled in your car!

The Exterior features the aluminum rear vents with all the hoses and parts that should be there.
The side pontoons are decorated with all the capacitors, grids, pipes and things similar to our photos.
The flux bands that surround the car are mounted on rubber brackets and thick wire bundles are added
along the sides of the car and mounted to the "flux boxes" which are mounted to the fenders, roof and rear.
The rear window is removed and replaces with a sealed aluminum rear bulkhead.
The rear will feature the infamous "Mr. Fusion", (Plutonium Chamber available for an extra fee)
The interior will feature all the famous electronics seen in our photos and videos including the
Flux Capacitor, Plutonium Gauges, Spectrum Analyzer, Time Drive Switch, Digital Speedometer and much more.
Thick wire bundles are added along with many other high voltage parts on the dash, etc.
*Fog Machine is optional as is extra battery/charging system.

No word if the conversion kit could be modified to a 2005 Dodge Neon, but at least one eBayer with 42% positive feedback plans on finding out. Also, if you could overclock the flux capacitor to time travel at like, 44MPH, that would be great. There is no way my Neon is reaching 88MPH without exploding first.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the finished product, including interior.







Thanks to happy pancake, who is always the one at the bottom of the stack.

  • Zed68

    Just don't

  • shashi

    Roads? where we're going, we don't need roads! "oh wow! can the car fly?" What? No, the car has off road tyres

  • Tybarious

    yes but does it come with the hover conversion?

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  • Guest


  • GeneralDisorder

    Wow... The spammer got spammed by the spammer who got spammed by a spammer.

    Spamception or something? Are we still making inception jokes? I have not seen the movie and therefore barely get the reference.

  • Chris Kane

    It's a Monty Python reference

  • GeneralDisorder

    I don't think it is. also wow... 2 years ago. You're a wee bit late to the party here.

  • shashi
  • DeathBotGamma

    30K for a car worth $500.00.
    Don't get me wrong it's very nice work but come on.

  • Marc A.

    The car is worth what people will pay. Used Deloreans sell for as much as $80k everyday. These cars with the kits are for the serious movie fans. Its similar to someone paying $30,000 for a signed Star Wars item.

  • Adam

    Bloody hell, tell me where they're going for that price and I'll buy eighteen, even if I have to pimp myself out to the car sales team. The million quid in my wallet will soothe the ache in my hindquarters.

  • Marc A.


  • 大川 JMizu

    mint deloreans sale for around 30-40k dollars in case you didnt know

  • KLanD

    Oh ya.. cause everyone's just got spare DeLoreans lyin around..

  • Jenness

    Right??! Plus - it doesn't even work. I mean, it would so be worth 30k if I could go back in time.

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