$13 Samus Toy With Accidental Dual Arm Cannons Sells For $2,500 On eBay

December 5, 2014


This is the $13 Samus Amiibo Super Smash Bros toy that recently sold on eBay for a cool $2,500 because she was accidentally made with dual arm cannons instead of just one. Apparently somebody was willing to pay a $2,487 premium for that. So now would be a great time to know somebody who works at the Amiibo toy factory. Or go scour your local Toys 'Я Us for other defective figures. Just saying, you find a Princess Peach peach toy with Link's head on her body and you've got yourself a buyer.

Keep going for a shot of the defect next to a normal one. Also, there is currently a legless Peach on eBay as well.


Thanks to rhiz and Jordan, who are both hoping to find a Donkey Kong with Yoshi's legs.

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