Wow: Ultra Impressive 3-D Ralph Wiggum Anatomy Cake

November 6, 2014


This is the Ralph Wiggum anatomy cake baked by Kylie Mangles of Freshly Squeez'd and based on an illustration by Eric Flores. It is most impressive. Who knew the boy who can't stop gluing his head to his desk could be so delicious? That would make one hell of a birthday cake for a Simpsons fan. For my birthday my friends always get me the cheapest sheet cake from the grocery store bakery. Usually a screw-up with somebody else's name on it. Last year I got Debbie's retirement cake.

Keep going for several more shots, but you can check out pics of the entire process HERE.






Thanks to Matthew, who wants a Barney Gumble anatomy cake complete with beer-filled sausage casings for his guts.

  • Fred

    ...because scarring their children for life the normal way was just too much effort?

  • adam

    holy crap. I was convinced GW mistook a drawing for a cake. Thats nuts. mind = blown

  • Fred

    It happens to the best of us. I've personally tried to eat a sketch of Einstein three times now...

  • Guest

    There is a step by step photo breakdown of how they made it here: http://www.entertainmentwis...

  • The black outline is most effective.

  • Liceana

    I don't understand that black line, how can you see it from another angles?

  • Brad Walton

    Yeah, that really sells it. It's somewhat cheating though, since it's a cake. A cake you can only view from one angle.

  • Mo Alexander

    It tastes like burning...

  • Matt

    wow! that looks amazing! and the detail is just tasteful!

  • Are there 2D cakes?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    There are plenty of 3d simpsons cakes where the simpsons part is decidedly 2d...

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