When Nature Calls: Weatherman Caught Pissing On-Air

November 4, 2014


This is a video from NBC News of weatherman Mike Seidel making it rain in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina on live television. The station immediately issued a statement claiming Mike had dropped his cell phone and was looking for it, which doesn't seem to be the case. I MIGHT have believed he was just using his phone if he hadn't been zipping up his pants when he turns around. Who knows, maybe he was doing something way more innocent like masturbating to a snowman. My point is this: never take a piss with a live camera pointing at you. That should be like one of the first things they teach you in meteorology school. Second only to, "Never tell anyone we really just roll dice to guess the weather."

Keep going for the video, along with a massive coverup video issued by NBC featuring Brian Williams because all news is lies.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best meteorologists are the ones who purposefully draw penis-looking shapes on the weather map.

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