Spidey, Wake Up!: Wearable Superhero Sleeping Bags

November 6, 2014


Because who hasn't dreamed of being able to sleep anywhere, anytime, and look like a superhero doing it, Selk'bag has released this line of $140 wearable superhero sleeping bags. I'm gonna get the Spider Man one because I feel like that's the least ridiculous looking, despite the guy in the picture's best effort to make it seem otherwise. Man, I am going to be sleeping ALL THE TIME. Maybe I'm asleep right now. Am I having an erotic dream? I sure hope so! "No, you're dreaming about writing Geekologie -- hardly erotic." :( I don't even remember what boners feel like anymore. "Here." I meant my own.

Keep going for shots of each of them individually.





Thanks to Mrs. Serna, who agrees they should have made some female ones too.

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