Ultra Conservative Christian Lady Goes To Museum, Tries To Debunk Evolution, Fails Beyond Miserably

November 26, 2014


This is a video of ultra conservative Christian Megan Fox (not that Megan Fox, trust me) taking a trip to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to debunk their 'Evolving Earth' exhibit and audit it for a liberal (aka scientific, in her mind) bias. It starts off awful and ends worse, and that's even looking past the shoddy camerawork (which wasn't easy). I posted three short teaser highlights for the video first, then the whole 30-minute thing in case you really, really like torturing yourself. Although I'd still suggest you try hanging yourself from the ceiling with some of those giant meat-hooks in your back first.

Keep going for the videos while I cross all my fingers and my toes Megan is just a very convincing troll.

Thanks to moyer, Jackie and Porterhouse Pete, who are still rubbing their eyeballs really hard and painfully until they see colors.

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