Typing With Pocket Monsters: Custom Pokemon Keyboard

November 4, 2014


This is the custom Pokemon keyboard designed by Ingrid Pierre. The letter keys have been replaced with pictures of Pokemon whose names begin with the same letter, and color coded according to their type. My little sister is big into Pokemon so I just made her a similar keyboard. Unfortunately, she's not a touch-typer and just failed her last three English assignments for turning in papers that were all, 'Rd gwtymjw nx f xyzuni ninty fsi ymnspx n hfs'y yduj. Mj mfx f snsof yzwyqj qtajitqq ns mnx hqtxjy.' Great job, Shakespeare!

Keep going for a shot of the whole keyboard including Ash walking directional keys and Pokeball number pad.


Thanks to me, for starting to suspect my sister might be smarter than she lets on.

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