This Year's Series OF DIY Star Wars Cut Paper Snowflakes

November 19, 2014


For the past couple years Anthony Herrera has designed a new series of do-it-yourself Star Wars paper snowflakes for you to cut and out and decorate your home/office/cubicle (previous posts with a ton of other designs HERE and HERE). And these are this year's batch, including Greedo, Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt, Captain Rex, the Millennium Falcon escaping a space slug, an X-wing as viewed from the cockpit of a TIE Fighter, and a wampa. You can print out PDFs of the designs at Anthony's website (along with all of the previous years') and start cutting! Just don't run with scissors. Unless they're safety scissors, then I want you to run with them IN YOUR MOUTH.

Keep going for shots of all the other finished products.







Thanks Anthony, now can you teach me how to fold a sweet paper airplane?

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