That Realistically Proportioned Barbie Doll Now Available With Acne, Rash, Cellulite, Stretch Mark Stickers

November 21, 2014


Remember the Lammily Doll, the alternative to Barbie that was made with the actual proportions of the average 19-year old girl? Well now she's back with a $6 STICKER EXPANSION PACK including freckles, stitches, moles, acne, stretch marks, cellulite, bruises and scars to make her even more realistic. She's going to be so realistic she might even come to life at night and whisper things in your ear. Things like, "You gave me acne, stretch marks, cellulite AND a rash -- really?! I thought we were friends." We are, I'm just the prettier one.

Keep going for shots of some of the other options, as well as a video of the doll being Photoshopped into Barbie-like proportions.








Thanks to Melissa, who agrees the worst dolls are those ones whose eyes are supposed to close when they're laying down but always wind up staying half-open to creep you the f*** out.

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